Sunday, February 15, 2009

Poole's Downtown Diner

For Valentine's day brunch, F & I headed to
Poole's Downtown Diner
426 S Mcdowell St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 832-4477

I started out with a cocktail named "La vie en rose" ($9).

There wasn't really anything "rose" about the cocktail. It seemed to be simply a raw sugar cane cube with champagne/sparkling wine poured over it. A nice rosey start of the day though, right?

F. had an irish whiskey ($7). Lacking proper glasses for the concocation, it came as below.

F. ordered a grilled biscuit ($4), 2 eggs ($4), and bacon ($4). Simple, no frills and very straightfoward is how he described them. I ordered a BLT with avocado & english cheddar cheese ($11). The only issue I had with this sandwich was it was a bit unweidy. It was also toasted and unfortunately while I was trying to eat it in complete bites, the toast scratched at my hard palate.We split their order of Frites w/ malt vinegar aioli ($9). They really do make a great fry - very crisp indeed.
There were some interesting other options for brunch. Unfortunately our table didn't have a great view of the menu so I can't really recall them. All in all, I gave this experience a B+

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